About Me

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I am originally from the UK but live in Austria. I have been an anime fan for many years now and have a large collection of dvds and mangas. I am learning german so now i have dvds and mangas in german and english.

My husband created this site for me (his page is ). My page is still under construction so come back for updates ;)

We have two Ferrets (Mokona and Uzume) and two Chinchillas (Travis and Modoki).You can see Photos off all of them in the Pets section.

Hope you like my site!

My hobbies are:

  • Watching Anime
  • Going To Anime Conventions
  • Reading
  • Listening to Music
  • Travelling

My favourite music is:

  • Gazette
  • Lilly Allen
  • Dir En Gray
  • My fave anime movies are:

    • End of Evangelion
    • Paprika
    • Howls Moving Castle

    My fave live action movies are:

    • Fight Club
    • Serenity
    • Cloverfield

    My fave anime series are:

    • Evangelion
    • Escaflowne
    • Ghost In The Shell 1st and 2nd GIG
    • Nana
    • Ef A Tale Of Memories
    • True Tears
    • Shigofumi
    • Fate Stay Night
    • Ergo Proxy
    • Red Garden
    • Noein
    • Kanon
    • Welcome to the NHK
    • Ichigo Mashimaro
    • Full Metal Alchemist
    • Mai Otome
    • Shakugan no Shana
    • Shuffle!
    • Air
    • Haruhi
    • Manabi Straight
    • Lucky Star
    • Bokurano
    • Clannad

    These are some photos of part of our anime collection ;)