Darker Than Black episode 1 and 2

The first two episodes go together so i watched them together.Its an interesting series.A guy moves into a new apartment and meets a girl who is on the run from some people because she is a scientist who knew something that she shouldnt.The ending was very interesting and surprising.
The animation is good and i like the story.Also the main character is very good looking.

Sola episode 1

The episode starts with Yorito going somewhere at 4am to take photos of the sunrise.He meets a girl there who is hitting a vending machine as its eaten her money and not given her what she paid for.
He gets the can for her but when he turns around to give it to her she is gone.
After school he goes to a hospital to see a girl and we are introduced to Koyori and Mana is also named.

REIDEEN episode 1

I like the opening song and i thought the animation of all the photos was particularly interesting as its quite different to other anime openings.The animation is gorgeous and the story seems to be quite interesting.
The different camera angles are also good especially the one from the chalkboard to change scenes.
The main character is a high school student called Saiga Junki.He travels with his mother and younger sister to identify some items found in a mud slide as his father disappeared in that area 10 years before.


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