Animagic 2010 movies

Including a showing of the film Evangelion 2.0 (blu ray version) and Summer Wars :)

Eden of the East Movies European Premier May 2010[tt_news]=986&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=32fcf2c07e

Nothing so far about language of subtitles but most likely will be english like most of the other films

I will fix the links asap

Genshiken S2 aand Hidamari Sketch S2

Decided to buy Genshiken Season 2 because media blasters keeps delaying releases ;)

Hidamari Sketch Season 2 ;)

Rightstuf licence

Its going to be Dirty Pair (thats without looking at the announcement and solving the code) :)

At the last minute we figured out how to do it ;) but couldn't enter the competition because its for America and Canada only :(

Dance In The Vampire Bund Uncut only!

Funimation licenced it and now wants to cut it so then i wont be buying it :(

Mina isnt too happy about the news either

Anime AMV's

Some amazing amv's on this page

Lucky Star manga vol 2

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