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Code Geass Complete Season 1

Episode 1

This is for episode 1


This is for the anime Clannad.

New boxsets

Finally got Clannad today ^.^ along with:

Case Closed Season 1 (which was out of stock since December)
.Hack Legend Of The Twilight
Step Up Love Story


Well i havent written in awhile and its now 2009.I am currently watching Macross Frontier and i am waiting for the Clannad boxset to be released as you can tell from my new start page pic.I havent even seen more than one episode but i am sure thats it going to become one of my favourite shows ^.^

I havent got many new anime dvds because now that series are being released in boxsets i dont buy singles anymore.

Recently i have brought:

Aria Boxset
Witchblade Boxset

Death Note Dvd

Got this today!

Excellent considering that it was released yesterday in the UK and arrived here in Austria the day after release!

I love Death Note and have watched the whole series fansubbed but I always buy the dvds anyway.

This collection contains episodes 1-8

The subtitles are yellow and a reasonable size so they are easy to read which is important.

The signs and what is written in the Death Note are also translated.

Toshokan Sensou

I have finally found a fansub of this so i will be watching it soon.

To Heart

According to Right Stuf their release of the To Heart anime features a complete video restoration.
So then i want to ask which of these screenshots do you think come from this dvd?

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