Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode 3

I loved the death note scene.
The dragonball z fusion dance between him and was also funny.
Full metal alchemist comments were also good.
The stalker girl follows him everywhere and no one is bothered by it.
There is a new foreign girl which means there is finally some colour and not just shades of grey all the time.
She has split personalities one for each country ;)

Lucky Star episode 16

Konata has a new phone with some Haruhi wallpapers on.
They go to see her at work but stop at a nearby shop to get some Code Geass magazine and also get mistaken for To Heart cosplayers.
They get to the cafe and Konata is dressed as Haruhi and she even switches voices a few times and its perfect.She does the Haruhi dance with some other people and they even include Kon and Nakato in it too with the same voice actors as in the show which is cool.
Akira's concert was great and she went mental when she found out it was just karoke.

Animagic 2007

From Friday 27th July-Sunday 29th July.
This is how a anime convention should be! ^.^
Thousands of people attend but they still get seats for the shows which are held in a huge hall and not a small room.
There is a proper cosplay competition with prizes too.The people who cosplay dont just walk around they actually act out scenes on stage and its much more fun than them just walking around without saying anything.
There are also groups who sing and dance.Final fantasy Real is also shown and its very funny.

Gazette Tour 2007

Went to Animagic 2007 and also got a ticket to go to see Gazette in Munich in October ;)
They are also going to finally come to the UK! ^.^

This is the webpage

Denno Coil episode 6

The girls talk to another girl about Haraken and they tell Yasako about him being friends with a girl who died about a year ago in a car accident.They try to force him to tell them about Satchii but he wont and escapes. They test Satchii and find out how far he can sense things from and stuff like that. Fumie explains about road domains and home domains and why Satchii cant enter certain areas such parks,hospitals or shrines.
Fumie believes that Satchii is Haraken's pet and she tells Yasako that she used to have a pet but it was killed by Satchii.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode 2

Itoshiki is trying to throw himself in front of a train and Fuura comes along and tries to stop him but ends up pushing him instead.He goes to a students house to encourage her to go to school.She doesn't believe that its a student and thinks that its some spirit so she tries to make it stay in the house but instead she scare her so much she wants to leave! They manage to get into her room and find out her name is Kiri Komori and she falls in love with Itoshiki.She then moves into the school and stays in the rooms there but doesn't go to her classes.

Brave Story

This is another Gonzo movie.

Wataru and his friend are in a deserted building looking for ghosts.They hear a noise and run in opposite directions.Waturu finds a shiny blue ball and sees another boy and he also finds a huge door with stairs leading up to it.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode 1

This is one of the most original stories i have seen in an anime.Guy tries and fails to hang himself because he is saved by a very strange girl.She then insists that he wasnt trying to kill himself just make himself taller! She thinks this because her parents used to do that too.

Then later she meets him again because he is her new teacher.He is always depressed and she is always positive all the time.


Went to see this at the Cambridge Film Festival.Its a great film and is a good one to watch more than once because there is so much going on that details are missed the first time.Looked great on the big screen and of course was the subtitled version.I have been wanting to see this for a long time but the dvd keeps getting delayed.

This is a short description of what happens in the film because there is so much going on that it would take a long time to write otherwise.

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo-The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This is a movie about a girl called Makoto who can travel through time.The first time is when she is hit by a train and she leaps back and doesnt have the accident because she walks to school instead.She uses this to do silly things like making sure that Chiaki doesnt tell her he loves her and that her other friend gets a girlfriend.She travels back different amounts of time and changes all sorts of things which then cause other people to suffer instead of her e.g when she sets fire to something in cooking class and she goes back to change it and then another boy is bullied because of it.

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