Seirei no Moribito episode 8

This was a rather boring episode.Balsa needs her spear fixed so they go to a smithy who has heard the rumours about her and doesnt want to help her as he makes weapons for the bad guys too.He locks them in a room and then two of the guys who chased Balsa from before arrive to collect their weapons and they have a conversation with the smithy about right and wrong.The smithy decides to help Balsa so he doesnt tell the men she is there.Nothing exciting at all really but the story that he tells the other two men seems to have something to do with Balsa which might be where she this idea that she

Dennou Coil episode 5 SPOILERS

The boys go with Isako to search for metabugs because they need the money to replace the equipment that she broke in the last episode. The girls decide to follow them with the new guy who is also a member of there club.Isako gets the boys to dig for metabugs but its obvious that she is searching for something else.Haraken (new character) has a way of controlling Satchi which means he could be like isako and there is also someone following Isako and her gang on a motorbike.

Dennou Coil episode 4

This starts off slowly but has a great second half.The girls meet at school and they name the new girl Isako and the annoying boy from before starts playing tricks on her and in the end attacks her after school with missiles.The originality is great as you never know what is going to happen next and because of that its one of the best shows this season.I also enjoyed Isako's pets ;) they are very cute.

Seirei no Moribito episode 6

Balsa and Chagum escape on a horse and are pursued.They are attacked by a huge wolf and fall to their deaths which is seen by the bad guys so they leave.It was a trick by the shaman and Balsa and Chagum return to stay with Tanda.

Seirei no Moribito episode 5

The shaman explains that Chagum has a egg inside him.Balsa is still recovering so she arranges for Tanda to buy some slaves and that they should be set free to confuse the men conducting the man hunt for her.

Seirei no Moribito episode 3

Balsa tries to fend off the attackers and keep them away from the prince but she is badly injured in the fight and the prince is captured.She manages to rescue him but then collapses and tells him to go to her friend Tanda who lives nearby.It is dark and stormy night and he has to climb up a mountain and run through a dangerous area to find him.Tanda carries Balsa back home and then tends to her.

Seirei no Moribito episode 2

This was another great episode.Balsa and the prince run away from the fire and go to see her young friends and then she

Denno Coil episode 2

The girls find out that the dog was infected by the strange monster.We find out that Yuko's grandmother is the leader of the group that Fumie is part of and she bribes Yuko to make her a member as well.Yuko starts to remember something from when she was a child and came to visit her grandmother before.I think this is a very original show and i really look forward to watching the next episodes and i love the little furry balls they are very cute ;)

Romeo X Juliet episode 3

When Juliet finds out about her past and is shown her fathers sword she remembers what happened to her family and it causes her to faint.I was quite surprised that Romeo decided to help the Crimson Whirlwind.

Denno Coil episode 1

This was a good first episode.The story is that two sisters (Yuko Okonogi) and her younger sister move to a new city and their mum is too busy to meet them so they have to get to their house alone.Another girl is chasing after a strange black animal.
Yuko searches for their dog Daisuke who has run off and she acccidently finds and picks up a cyber cat instead.Fumie Hashimoto finds her with the cat and gets her to give it to her and then runs away from the boy and takes the cat with her.

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