Seirei no Moribito episode 1

From the first shot of the mountains to the fire at the end the animation was amazing.The action starts fairly early on with Balsa jumping into a raging river to rescue someone from the imperial family.She is invited to stay overnight at the palace and it told that the prince was the one she saved and his mother wants her to be his bodyguard.I would love a futon like she has :) Also i like the fact that the main female character is a bit older than usual (30) she is a grown woman and behaves like an adult should.

Overdrive episode 1

This was a different sort of anime so i though i woud see if its any good.

Denno Coil

I have seen the preview for this.I think this could be a good series and the city and setting seem to be different to what i have seen so far.The large robot thing is rather creepy as its like a kids toy.Since there was no dialogue i dont know if any voice actors i like are involved but i am interested in it so i will watch it when it is out ;)

Sisters Of Wellber

Sisters Of Wellber episode 1

The opening song is good.The animation is great and the story is interesting.
Tina is a thief and she is in the wrong place at the wrong time and sees Rita stab the prince and then they escape together.Rita goes wandering off outside the next morning with her really obvious long hair that looks exactly like the poster and all of her jewellery and wonders why people find her..One of Ritas guards finds them and with his help they escape from the bad guys.Though i really dont get why the tank is there....

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